"We at Chateaux Strathcona condominiums, have employed the services of Kevin and his Excelsior team for approximately 4 years now.
Initially they were engaged to do our summer lawn and garden maintenance and due to their excellent efforts the contract has now been expanded to include snow clearing and removal. We are equivalently pleased with the prompt and dedicated service to our complex.
Additionally, we intend to have some extensive landscaping performed this year and we were pleased to learn that the Excelsior quote was not only competitive but the design modifications proposed within the bid assisted with expediting the project and, in fact, may result in some reduced costing.
In summary we are very pleased with our relationship with Excelsior, especially the pride they display in fulfilling their contractual commitments.
Feel free to contact me, through Kevin, if I can expand or clarify any aspect of the foregoing."

Tom Stanton
Chateaux Strathcona I


I would highly recommend Kevin Adams and Excelsior Enterprises Ltd. for any/all of your landscaping requirements. I found Excelsior through the yellow pages about five or six years ago when I purchased a house in Calgary and have used them for numerous projects around my home, from fence replacement, retaining (Allan Block) wall construction, two patios, a deck and a pond/waterfall water feature... every spring/summer since. All the work was quoted ahead of time, finished on time, and as per original quote with no surprises or additional fees.

A very professional group, honest, straightforward and highly competent.